HIMSS Releases 2012 Mobile Technology Survey

12-3-2012 9-17-54 PM

HIMSS releases the findings of the 2012 HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey, which compiled the responses of 180 C-level executives from across the healthcare industry.

The survey, sponsored by HIMSS and Qualcomm Life, aims to measure adoption changes in the mHealth industry by comparing data with last year’s results. In general, mHealth has made a significant jump in executive support since the release of the 2011 study. The number of executives reporting that their organization had a published mobile health strategy in place nearly doubled from 2011 to 2012, with two-thirds of respondents reporting that their organizations had active mHealth policies currently in place.

The two primary areas that mHealth policies targeted, according to respondents, were medication adherence and continuum of care. The survey suggests that a possible reason for continuum of care to be included would be if ACO delivery models were gaining traction.

An area of persistent concern in the mobile health environment at large was patient adoption rates for mHealth technology, which the new survey marked at 36 percent.

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