3G Doctor – Physician Video Consultations on your Mobile

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As the name suggests, you have a doctor in your 3G-enabled hands (at least if those hands are in the UK or Ireland).

3g Doctor is a 24×7 service that provides an online PHR (free) and access to 3G video consultations with a doctor (£35, $52) payable by credit card or PayPal, for a consult at your convenience (that price is not bad, especially if Dr. Fiona in the picture above is treating you).

Without access to Mr. H’s credit card account, I managed to noodle into 3GD for a free account and created my PHR (they badly need some usability tips from Google Health).

The concept of video conference is not new, but 3GD makes it available to the common man for a quick consult anytime, anywhere (in the UK and Ireland). Also, it own the domain 4GDoctor.com, which answered my question what happens with 4G.

One can share their records by printing a PDF or showing the mobile to the provider (who of course will make you fill out their clipboard). Consults come with a diagnosis and treatment advice with OTC meds, but they probably won’t prescribe Vicodin.

I started an online consult through their Web site, but after answering 50+ questions, I began to feel that the system lacks usability. It’s guaranteed to give the user an additional symptom — headache.

3GD is not meant to replace the family physician, but is meant for casual, semi-emergent consults at the user’s convenience. Some features that would be useful — CCR/CCD exports and integration with other PHRs (why re-invent the PHR wheel?)

With over 10 million 3G mobile-wielding eligible subscribers in the UK, video calling still is used by a minority (Vodafone charges an additional 35p per min). With the iPhone4 and Evo starting to lead innovations in the front facing cameras in the US, time will tell when we will have our first phone video doctor. Dr. Hodge, are you listening?

The 3G Doctor is ready to see you now… from Jonathan Marks on Vimeo.

M is an anonymous contributor to HIStalk Mobile, focusing on new mobile applications and iPhone/iPad news.

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