Abbott Earns CE Mark For Needle Free Glucose Monitor


Abbott Laboratories announces that it has obtained a CE Mark authorizing it to begin marketing a new non-invasive glucose monitor in Europe. The approval is limited to pediatric diabetic patients between the ages of four and 17 living in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


Abbott’s needle-free glucose monitor is a two-part system. The first part is a disposable patch that is worn on the back of the arm. This patch is responsible for measuring and storing glucose readings. The patch is expected to be worn 24 hours per day for 14 days, and as such is completely waterproof so users can wear it in the shower. The second part is a handheld device that displays glucose readings. Users are instructed to scan the patch with their handheld device whenever they want to check their blood glucose level. At that point, the patch transmits the most recent glucose reading to the device for display. The process is painless for the wearer and takes only one second to register a result. After 14 days, users discard the disposable patch and replace it with a new one.

Parents of diabetic children face an uphill battle when trying to manage the condition. twenty-four hour glucose monitoring requires that children have their glucose levels checked multiple times per day as well as during the night. This results in numerous fingerpricks that are inconvenient and painful, and often lead to non-compliant care management. In a recent study, Abbott’s needle-free glucose monitor was rated as easier to use than traditional fingerprick systems by 97 percent of the children who were given the chance to use it.

Moving glucose monitoring from invasive to non-invasive has long been a goal among diabetes researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and even relative newcomers to healthcare like Google. In recent years, the effort has begun to pay dividends as Google’s glucose monitoring contact lenses are expected to make their way into the market in 2016. Abbott makes no mention of when it expects to secure FDA clearance for US distribution.

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