AdhereTech Closes $1.75 Million Series A For Connected Pill Bottles


New York, NY-based digital health startup AdhereTech today announces that it has secured a $1.75 million Series A round contributed by a group of undisclosed angel investors. AdhereTech is a 2011 Blueprint Health Accelerator graduate, working on a connected pill bottle that monitors medication adherence and sends text message reminders to patients in an effort to improve compliance. In addition to the $20,000 seed funding raised from Blueprint Health, AdhereTech raised a second $600,000 seed round in 2013, bringing its funding total to $2.4 million.

AdhereTech’s connected pill bottles use a small scale embedded within the bottle to monitor the weight of the bottles contents. When the bottle is opened, and a pill is removed, the scale recognizes the bottle’s change in weight. At this point, a small cellular transmitter records that the medication was taken on a cloud-based medication adherence site. Users can then review a chronological history of their medication adherence behaviors stored indefinitely in the cloud. The platform was intentionally designed to sync data in the cloud via cellular technology, rather than synching data with a smartphone app via Bluetooth because designers wanted to be able to support landline, mobile phone, and smartphone users.

If by a certain point in the day the pill bottles sensors do not detect that a pill has been taken, corrective measures are automatically triggered. The same cellular transmitter can trigger text or automated phone call reminders to a users preferred phone line. Additionally, the bottle itself will begin to flash and chime.

The company is marketing its product to health systems and drug manufacturers, specifically to support clinical trials. The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center recently partnered with AdhereTech to track adherence rates within its investigational drug program.

“We’ve already received tremendous interest from pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and research institutions. This affirms our view that there’s a large unmet need for this technology.” – Josh Stein, AdhereTech CEO.

The new funding will be used to scale up production and finalize designs on AdhereTech’s next generation pill bottle, which it promises will be smaller, cheaper, and easier to mass produce.

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