Aetna Launches The Ultimate Consumer Health App

6-17-2013 10-44-29 PM

Facing increased pressure to reduce spending, health insurance company Aetna announces CarePass, an app that will allow patients to consolidate multiple sources of health information into a single, actionable platform, which is exactly what Aetna is hoping its customers will do.

Aetna is trying to deliver more than just a new convenient platform for quantified self enthusiasts. It wants to insert itself into the thought process of everyday consumers as they experience health issues and then drive cost saving behavioral changes. To do this, the platform will first make it easy to integrate data: fitness apps, weight loss apps, activity trackers, glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, and self reported information can be captured and uploaded onto the platform. The patient’s medical records from across the continuum of care will also be stored on the site.

With this data, Aetna will deliver individualized health services like a symptom checker, powered by the recently acquired iTriage, that will help ensure patients are seeking care in the appropriate settings, or an individualized health-goals solution that will send personalized tips and resources to help patients lose weight, quit smoking, or lower cholesterol.

6-17-2013 10-43-36 PM

Aetna will also release an API for third-party integration. Marking another first, Aetna will expose patient health information as part of that API, allowing consumers the ability to authorize access to third-party apps. This is in contrast to Kasier’s recent API launch which yielded a good deal of excitement and press despite a significant lack of useful data within the information being released. The arrangement Aetna will pursue sounds very similar to a workflow our own Travis suggested just a few weeks ago.

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