AirStrip Acquires Sense4Baby


AirStrip announces that it has acquired the assets of San Diego, Calif.-based digital health company Sense4Baby, a startup focused on developing a portable wireless fetal monitor for women with high-risk pregnancies. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Sense4Baby was incubated in San Diego, at the Gary and Mary West Health Institute, where its underlying technology was developed. The startup raised $4 million in seed funding in 2013 to build a wireless fetal monitor technology. Later in 2013, Sense4Baby received FDA 510(k) and European CE clearance to commercially market the new technology.

The Sense4Baby fetal monitor helps providers wirelessly monitor fetal and maternal heart rate, and to trend contractions. The system is marketed for use in private practices and clinics. Sense4Baby had previously announced plans to pursue FDA approval for in-home fetal monitoring, in support of high-risk pregnancies, but it is not clear where that project stands in the wake of the acquisition. Sense4Baby reports that its technology represents a potential $1.4 billion in healthcare cost savings because it could be used to shift high-risk pregnancy care out of the hospital and into less expensive outpatient clinics, and eventually into the patient’s home.

AirStrip is a good fit for Sense4Baby because it has already built a strong customer base around mobilizing waveform data.

“AirStrip pioneered data mobilization in women’s services ten years ago with the first FDA-cleared application that allowed doctors to monitor live data for patients in labor in the hospital setting. As a result, one in six babies born in the US is now monitored using AirStrip ONE in labor and delivery. Now, AirStrip is innovating again by mobilizing waveform data of pregnant patients beyond the four walls of the hospital, expanding the ability to care for patients throughout the obstetrics care continuum.” – Alan Portela, AirStrip CEO.

AirStrip’s mobile platform integrates data from a variety of monitoring tools, in addition to EHR systems, and consolidates that information on a centralized mobile platform. With the addition of Sense4Baby, fetal monitor waveforms from will be added to that platform.

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