Apple and IBM Unveil Four Enterprise Healthcare Apps

7-22-2013 11-02-58 PM

In July 2014, Apple and IBM announced a new partnership under which the pair would co-develop apps for the enterprise market. The goal of the initiative was to bring IBM’s experience with enterprise customers together with Apple’s mobile development expertise to meet several unmet needs in the enterprise mobile workforce. At the time of the announcement, Apple confirmed that healthcare would be among the industries that the partnership would target. Rumors that Apple was preparing to enter the enterprise health IT market seriously heated up in September, when during the Apple HealthKit unveil, the nations leading EHR vendor Epic Systems was mentioned as a new partner. That partnership centered around integrating Apple’s HealthKit platform with Epic’s patient portal. Now, after nine months of behind the scenes development work, Apple and IBM have unveiled a library of new enterprise apps, and among them are four new apps developed to support nurses.


Hospital RN

Hospital RN is an app designed to support nurses by connecting them with patient electronic records through a mobile device. The app uses Apple’s iBeacon indoor location detecting technology to automatically open the correct chart when nurses approach a patient’s bed. Lab results, patient requests, and safety alerts are pushed to the app and a centralized task list helps nurses organize and manage their workload. The app also provides secure messaging, reducing staff nurses reliance on pagers and phones.


Hospital Lead

Moving up the nursing hierarchy, Hospital Lead is an app developed to support nurse managers responsible for overseeing entire units within the hospital. Overdue tasks escalate to the nurse manager’s app so that workload can be balanced in real-time and care delivery can be coordinated in a team-based manner. The app centralizes data from multiple hospital databases and supports complex clinical processes like discharge planning and post-acute care coordination.


Hospital Tech

Apple and IBM created Hospital Tech with technicians in mind. The app supports care delivery in much the same way that the Hospital RN app does, but its features are designed for users who perform specific tasks, such as capturing EKG readings or ultrasounds, for patients across all units within the hospital. Requests are pushed to the app and consolidated on a centralized work list.


Home RN

The last app introduced today is Home RN, a mobile app designed for home health nurses. The app uses GPS navigation to help nurses plan their day and find the next patient’s home. Once at the patient’s house, the app supports clinical documentation and task management, and lets nurses capture pictures, videos, and audio notes which are automatically added to the patient’s record.

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  • Brandon

    Do these apps only work with Epic?

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