Apple Continues on mHealth Hiring Spree

7-22-2013 11-02-58 PM

New reports confirm that Apple is hiring health sensor experts in support of its iWatch development. While rumors on the subject have been circulating for some time, confirmed details are beginning to come to the surface.

Todd Whitehurst, a former VP of product development for Senseonics, has been recruited by Apple to serve as hardware development director, according to his LinkedIn profile. He previously led a product development team in the creation of an implantable continuous glucose monitoring system.

Ueyn Block, an expert in medical sensors, left C8 MediSensors to join Apple as the technical lead for optical sensing. C8 MediSensors went out of business earlier this year. A number of its former employees, specifically engineers and designers specializing in machine learning, were picked up by Apple.

Apple has also reportedly recruited a number of scientists from AccuVein, a medical device company.

As hiring heats up at Apple, all eyes are on the Cupertino lab for signs that an unveil may be coming. Apple has recently applied for “iWatch” trademarks in a number of countries, something the company resisted until just a few months before its iPhone release. The increase in activity around the iWatch has analysts predicting a release in time for the holiday shopping season.

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