Apple Markets Its Role In Global mHealth

An Apple video tells several stories of how its mobile ecosystem is impacting everyday patients across the globe through the rise of mHealth and medical apps.

The video starts in remote Africa, where a travelling prenatal clinician is shown making house calls to his patients using Skyscape, a free medical resource app, along with and an iPad to aid in care delivery. In the next scene, a Paralympic bronze medalist discusses the competitive and quality of live advantages she has seen after adopting Galileo, an app that links her smartphone to her prosthetic legs and allows her to adjust a variety settings on the fly with scheduling a physician visit.

The video closes with the story of a non-verbal 10-year-old who began communicating with his mother after the pair discovered Proloquo2Go, a free mobile alternative communication tool that provides an age- and gender-appropriate voice and means of communicating for non-verbal patients.

At nearly 10 minutes long, the video’s run time is an eternity in the world of YouTube, but it was well done and worth watching. It is encouraging to see Apple aligning itself with the successes of mobile health initiatives across the globe.

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