Apple Rumor: New Wearable Device Built Around Flexible Glass

2-10-2013 9-22-27 PM

Online technology site VentureBeat, along with the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, are reporting rumors that Apple is testing a new device. An Apple smart watch nicknamed the iWatch is rumored to be the next big innovation making its way out of the famous Cupertino-based labs.

The watch is expected to be the first product to hit shelves built around the recently unveiled bendable glass innovation, Willow Glass by Corning. Willow Glass is a flexible film that allows a wrap-around type display while maintaining touchscreen functionality and Gorilla Glass (also a Corning product) durability.

This is bad news for Pebble, although as demonstrated by their record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, this is clearly a market that has been neglected. Pebble could not expect to make as big of a splash as they did without drawing attention. The rumored watch could also have implications within the activity tracker market as well, depending on the functionality included in the initial release.

Usually a super secretive company, the iWatch rumors have been verified by multiple sources familiar with Apple’s development plans. Perhaps this is a sign that CEO Tim Cook will take a more relaxed approach to secrecy within development initiatives at Apple.

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