Aptible Tackles HIPAA Compliance For Health IT Startups


San Francisco, Calif.-based startup Aptible is launching a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant hosting platform for startups building health IT solutions. Health IT is a notoriously difficult market segment to work in, a stigma that keeps many talented developers away. That perception is only amplified when tech giants like Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin publically gripe about it, saying “Generally, health is just so heavily regulated, it’s just a painful business to be in. It’s not necessarily how I want to spend my time.” Aptible’s platform is designed to alleviate HIPAA-related anxiety that entrepreneurs may have when contemplating a health IT business idea.

Aptible lets entrepreneurs build apps using the languages, frameworks, and databases they prefer. The app and database are hosted on the Aptible platform, where web servers, app servers, databases, and load balancers are all controlled by Aptible to ensure all elements of the infrastructure are properly encrypted and secured.

The actual applications and configurations are constantly audited by algorithms designed to isolate security risks and validate HIPAA compliance. By implementing a perpetual audit system, Aptible is able to take ownership of compliance reporting, serving up a real-time picture of compliance status at any given time.

Aptible monetizes the platform by charging a hefty $3500/month hosting fee. The price is high, especially for a business marketing primarily to cash-strapped startups, but the company rationalizes the price by explaining that securing HIPAA compliance through a consulting agency would likely cost $50,000 – $100,000, plus hundreds of hours of lost productivity spent implementing the recommendations and configuring the infrastructure.

The idea behind Aptible has drawn the attention of some of the industry’s biggest accelerators. The company, which has already launched and is now building its customer base, is currently enrolled in both Rock Health and Y Combinator’s accelerator programs. At very least, accelerator programs like these seem like a great place for Aptible to spend 16 weeks working in close proximity with dozens of potential future customers.

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