Assessment of Online Clinics

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A new study looked at the cost, efficacy, and patient satisfaction from virtuwell, an online clinic offering of HealthPartners. The cost of a virtuwell visit is $40. The findings, based on 40,000 virtual visits, are impressive.

  1. Cost per episode averaged $88 less than traditional face-to-face episodes (urgent care, ambulatory, ED). Over 40,000 visits, that’s $3.5 million in savings.
  2. Ninety-eight percent of those surveyed said they would recommend the service.
  3. Each patient using virtuwell saved 2.5 hours of time. Over 40,000 visits, that’s 100,000 hours, which also has a significant cost associated with loss of productivity.

The authors conclude that regulations need to be reformed to make it easier to scale virtual services like virtuwell. I couldn’t agree more. In recently helping a friend looking to set up a specialized virtual care clinic, I saw firsthand how ridiculous some of the state rules around clinician location and previous face-to-face visits are. Hopefully studies like this one of virtuwell will help drive the change.

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