Augmedix Announces Pilot Results, Raises $7.3 Million In Fresh Funding



Dignity Health, a California-based health system, announces promising results from a small pilot project it launched in January of this year with Augmedix Health. During the pilot, three family practice physicians used Google Glass and a physician documentation app from Augmedix to cut down on the amount time it takes to document patient notes into their Cerner EHR. Though the pilot was small in scope, the doctors reported large improvements to their workflow.

After four months using Augmedix Health’s app, doctors are reporting that they have increased the amount of time they spend directly engaging with patient’s from 35 percent of their day, to 70 percent. This time is largely borrowed from time savings associated with clinical documentation, as doctors reported that the amount of time they spent documenting notes into their EHR dropped from 33 percent of their day, down to just 9 percent.


The app works by passively monitoring the physician-patient encounter, translating the conversation into text and analyzing the clinical information that was discussed. This information is then formatted into a succinct patient note and imported into the EHR where the physician can add to it later. Staff at Augmedix were monitoring the pilot in real-time, behind the scenes back at the Augmedix offices, to make sure that clinical information was being extracted in an accurate and error free manner. During the encounter, physicians are also able to query the EHR, asking to see the most recent ECG or blood work, and having the information presented directly on the Google Glass display.

The most important finding within the results are that the physicians are happy and spending more time with their patients. Dr. Davin Lundquist, the CMIO of Dignity Health and a participant of the pilot program, reports that he is now able to “think about what the patient is telling me,” without having to interrupt his thought process to annotate information in the patient’s chart.  There have been promises of improved physician workflows attached to health IT implementations for years, but very few solutions have succeeded in reducing the amount of time doctors spend on computers and increasing the amount of time they engage with their patients.

In addition to its promising Dignity Health pilot, Augmedix was also named within Google’s first round of certified “Glass at Work” partners, a designation that establishes them as credible enterprise Glass app developers. The startup is also announcing that it has raised a $7.3 million funding round led by DCM and Emergence Capital Partners. As part of the deal, Emergence Capital partner Kevin Spain and DCM partner Peter Morgan will join the Augmedix board.

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