Augmedix Raises $16 Million Series A To Bring Google Glass Into the Exam Room


Augmedix, a digital health startup from San Francisco that builds Google Glass apps for doctors, announced today that it has raised a $16 million Series A round co-led by the company’s seed investors Emergence Capital and DCM Ventures. The new funding brings Audmedix total raised to $23 million since its 2012 launch.

Augmedix is building a full ecosystem of digital health apps, but by far the most compelling is the company’s telecharting app. The app connects a scribe to the doctor via a secure Google Glass interface. Wearing Google Glass, the doctor then conducts the patient interview and performs the examination. During the visit, the app, working together with the scribe, navigates the patient chart and pushes clinical information to the doctors Glass viewer. Supported by natural language processing, the scribe also documents the encounter during the visit. The results have been a dramatic time-savings for end users. In July, the company published results from a trial it ran with Dignity Health (CA) in which doctors in a primary care setting used the system and measured changes in time spent navigating an EHR, documenting encounters, and engaging in direct patient care. After going live with Augmedix, doctors saw a spike in the amount of time they spent directly engaging with patients, from 35 percent of their day to 70 percent. Augmedix led to equally impressive reductions in time spent documenting and navigating in the EHR.

"Demand for and reaction to Augmedix have been extremely strong and positive. We’re proud to be making a real difference in patient satisfaction, doctor satisfaction, and health record accuracy. In terms of economic impact, we’ve repeatedly shown that our service effectively turns three doctors into four." – Ian Shakil, CEO of Augmedi

Now, with customers in ten states, Augmedix is growing and demand is outpacing the company’s ability to implement new sites. The new funding will be used to expand operations, fuel development, and establish new partnerships.

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