More, More, More — Make More Stuff

There are three ways businesses solve problems:

  1. Make more stuff / provide more services.
  2. Optimize existing stuff / services to be used more effectively.
  3. Redefine the problem and solve it in a different way.

To provide context, let’s look at a few examples in healthcare.


HIStalk Connect Interviews Steve Cashman, Founder and CEO, HealthSpot

Tell me a bit about yourself and HealthSpot.

HIStalk Connect Interviews Steve Cashman, Founder and CEO, HealthSpot

We’ve been seeing trends with the Affordable Care Act and all the newly insured people that will be coming into the healthcare landscape leading to physician shortages. I’m a tech guy from other industries, but what I know about is using technology to solve problems. 


From Founding to Series A in Six Months

That title sounds catchy, but it doesn’t paint a totally accurate or complete picture. Our current endeavor — the one that went from founding to Series A in six months — is the third startup this founding team has launched over the last several years.

The first, AccessMobile, ended up focused on global health with paying customers in Africa, but without a truly scalable business model. The second, Share.MD, was focused on physician collaboration, profiles, education, and communications. We pitched at Health 2.0, ran pilots at three academic centers, and had many discussions on Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto with "interested" investors before ultimately deciding that we were creating something that we weren’t positioned to distribute and solving a problem we weren’t passionate enough about.


The Great Re-Bundling of Healthcare

Computers break assumptions. By breaking assumptions, computers are re-bundling industries. No industry will be left untouched as computers eat the world.

Computers do everything that humans do, but computers can perform each at effectively infinite scale. Performing each of these functions at infinite scale breaks fundamental business assumptions:


Stay Home

AliveCor just announced AliveInsights, an integrated telemedicine solution that lives on top of AliveCor’s smartphone ECG. AliveCor is advertising that a cardiologist will read one’s ECG within 30 minutes.

Everyone is fighting to reduce costs through telemedicine. Beyond regulatory issues, the greatest challenge has been delivering medical devices and equipment to patients’ homes so that doctors can receive that data. AliveCor is making interesting moves in this space by providing an integrated telemedicine service with their ECG hardware.

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