News 7/21/10

UK wireless carrier Orange announces its Smartnumbers service, which intelligently routes patient calls to the best person or team available.

Another European carrier, Telefonica, launches a global e-health unit.


News 7/16/10

NogWorld releases DocNog California for the iPhone. The app allows users to search for providers, add an appointment, refer to family/friends, and comment/rate providers.

Synapse Wireless and Proventix Systems jointly develop nGage, a wireless system for monitoring health worker compliance with hand washing protocols. Just last week we reported on another wireless hand washing monitoring system from HandGiene.


News 7/14/10

Concern is growing over the reliability of health-related smart phone apps and the direct-to-consumer nature of them, according to this LA Times article. 

Rochester Immediate Care (NY) and Michigan Avenue Immediate Care (MI) partner with Healthagen to provide facility information and symptom checking on mobile devices via iTriage app.


News 7/9/10

CardioNet, the supplier of Mobile Outpatient Cardiac Telemetry (MCOT) pictured above, announces that United Healthcare will maintain its position that “outpatient cardiovascular telemetry is unproven for managing cardiac arrhythmias”. Translation: MCOT is still not a covered benefit.

Bluetooth 4.0 officially adopted. New “low energy technology” reduces cost and power consumption, allowing devices to operate for years on coin-cell batteries. This has great potential for wireless healthcare.


News 7/7/10

President Obama announces $795 million in public grants and $200 million in matching funds to develop broadband access to rural parts of the country, with 900 healthcare facilities benefiting. The FCC estimates telehealth savings of $700 million over the next 15-20 years.

A report by Kalorama Information expects market growth for handheld devices in healthcare to be 7% this year, reaching $8.8 billion globally. 64% of the total market is for patient monitoring devices.

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