News 1/25/10

Thomson Reuters announces the availability of Micromedex 2.0. According to the Company, the new web-based version of its clinical information system gives clinicians direct Web and mobile access to Micromedex content through an enhanced user interface. A key feature of Micromedex 2.0 is a more powerful search capability that allows for multi-term search, predictive text, synonyms and suggestions for alternative spellings. I’m still not sure why they pre-announced this release back in December, but hats off to them for hitting their target.

Minnesota-based insurance provider Medica releases Main Street Medica for the iPhone. The app, which is based on the Web application, helps consumers compare cost and quality data for more than sixty common procedures across hundreds of clinics and facilities. I find this particularly interesting as I was just discussing with a couple of physicians how another insurance provider was listing comparative cost and “quality” data on their website. They didn’t understand how the insurance provider could list contracted rates for different facilities and providers on their website, while simultaneously restricting providers from disclosing contract fee schedules amongst themselves. The why is simple: insurance providers do not want physicians empowered with information. Far fewer physicians would take the “standard” contract rates if they knew that their hospital or large system affiliated peers were paid 60% more across the board. This “healthcare reform” scented gesture is far more likely an attempt by insurance companies to un-lever the same mega group practices that they helped create.  And BTW… I’m not an attorney, but non-disclosures generally become nullified when the source party publicly discloses said “confidential” information. Cool app though.


How I Use My Mobile Device

How I Use My Mobile Device

by Joseph Crozier, MD/PhD

As a psychiatry resident at an academic medical center I am in contact with many patients each day with a wide range of psychiatric and other medical diagnoses. I use my mobile device – a Palm Centro – as a way to carry medical references with me wherever I go in the hospital or clinic with the ultimate goal of having key information available to aid medical decision-making.


News 1/21/10

Epic releases Haiku for the iPhone.  I really don’t know much more than Epic’s description on the iPhone App Store at this point. We’ve heard a couple of grumblings about performance. If anyone out there has had a chance to use it, let us know what you think.

Healthcare Data Solutions announces the release of PrescriberPRO Mobile. The Windows Mobile and Blackberry compatible solution provides access to HDS’ full database of more than 1,000,000 healthcare providers and facilities. Users can search by hospital, pharmacy, provider name, GPS location, city, state, NPI or DEA number. I’m not sure if this is better for traveling salesmen or CMS auditors.  


HIStalk Mobile Interviews Paul Adkison

Paul Adkison is the Founder and CEO of IQMax.

First off, Paul, thanks for being an interview subject. You are the first one for HIStalk Mobile, so I appreciate that.


News 1/14/10

IQmax has been busy developing channel partners. First, they announce a partnership with Fast Chart to provide the IQmax web-based mobile dictation platform to Fast Chart customers. IQmax then announces a partnership with 3M Health Information Systems to offer IQmax’s enterprise mobility technology with 3M’s dictation and transcription solutions. In other words, IQmax is the little man behind the curtain of 3M’s recent entry into mobile dictation capture. (For more information about IQmax’s market strategy, check back later for an exclusive interview with Paul Adkison, IQmax CEO and Founder.)

For their part, 3M HIS announces the release of their next generation unified services platform – Platform 7, Feature Pack 2 [rolls off the tongue quite nicely]. The latest version promises streamlined provider workflow, increased transcriptionist productivity, and improved document accuracy. I have to say, I like 3M’s style – extending their solution through a cool partner app while simultaneously enhancing their core technology. Why can’t all companies think like that?

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