News 12/17/09

Google is planning to market and sell its own Android phone – “Nexus One”. According to insiders, Google has entered into an agreement with HTC to build the phones. This follows much speculation after reports emerged last week that Google had distributed test devices to employees involved in the project. Analysts are aflutter interpreting the implications – Is Google moving in on the mobile ad frontier; what does this mean to device manufactures, including Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson and others who are building devices with Android? Perhaps Google’s just not happy with the pace of Android penetration… Just when it looked like the iPhone flurry had slowed to a steady downpour.

Busy couple of weeks for PatientKeeper – $13 million financing round; win a deal at Butler Health System in PA ; and CEO, Paul Brient, to present at Piper Jaffray’s 21st Annual Healthcare Conference. The current round of financing brings the total to $88 million invested to date. Will the ARRA spectacle carry the Company to an IPO next year?

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