Beddit Looks to Disrupt Sleep Monitoring Market

8-11-2013 9-08-09 PM

Saratoga, Calif.-based Beddit is running an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of raising $80,000 for a new sleep monitoring platform that has some real promise for those interested in quantifying sleep patterns.

Measuring sleep behaviors is one of the newer features to hit the activity tracker market, with Fitbit One, Basis, Jawbone’s Up, and BodyMedia’s Fit Core all claiming to be sleep analysis enabled. The issue with all of these is that users need to either wear their tracker to bed with them, or they need to manually report their sleeping patterns – neither are an ideal user experience. Still, four major activity trackers adding sleep analysis suggests that there is some market demand.

Beddit is raising money to bring next-level sleep analysis to that market. Their system includes an elastic band that goes around the mattress, under the bed sheets. It passively measures sleep behaviors, capturing far more robust details including heart rate, breathing rhythm, movement, sleep stages, sleep time, and overall sleep quality. Beddit also monitors and quantifies the sleep environment, including variations in noise level and light. Information from Beddit is pushed to a mobile app for trending, analysis, and personalized coaching.

For a $99 donation, users are promised a single Beddit sleep system, expected to ship in November of 2013. After a week of fundraising, Beddit has hit $55,000 and is on pace to far surpass its $80,000 goal.

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