BioDigital Raises $4 Million for Virtual Anatomy Mapping

New York-based startup BioDigital raises a $4 million series A round, led by FirstMark Captial, and with additional contributions from NYU Venture Fund and a number of private angel investors.

BioDigital has been working for nearly a decade to build an anatomically accurate 3-D rendering of the human body with thousands of medically accurate views of body systems and disease processes. Since its public launch last year, the freeware platform has attracted more than one million members. The free version has been designed to meet the needs of both patients, and medical students looking for a more engaging alternative to a traditional anatomy textbook.

A paid version of the platform is being marketed to providers for use with patient education and medical diagnosis. Businesses can also use BioDigital’s API to call images into third-party medical apps.

The new funding will be used to expand the development team, and market the platform more aggressively to potential paying customers.

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