Bipartisan Policy Center Hosts Video Conference on mHealth Adoption

12-10-2012 9-59-38 PM

The Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, DC hosts a video conference today addressing the lack of scaled adoption of mHealth to date and the associated lost potential to change spending behaviors.

Janet Marchibroda, chair of the Health IT Initiative at the Bipartisan Policy Center, summarized the day’s message by saying that smartphones have changed every aspect of American life, including the way people shop, travel, and manage their finances. If Americans could apply that use of smartphones to healthcare, great things would result.

National Coordinator for health information technology, Farzad Mostashari, MD spoke at the event as well, suggesting that the barriers to adoption are not only on the patient side, with legal interpretation deserving partial blame. “Sometimes it’s interpreted that HIPAA means, ‘I can’t give you your health information.’ HIPAA gives people a right to access of the information in the format that they want.”

Marchibroda concluded the conference echoing the tone of the day by saying, “Increasing the use of electronic tools, which are so prevalent in other aspects of American life, can significantly bolster patient engagement efforts across health care—resulting in lower costs, better outcomes, and improvements in the experience of care for patients and their families.”

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