Blue Button Has A New Pair of Shoes

1-23-2013 8-46-56 PM

The VA announces that it has made significant enhancements to the Blue Button tool it uses to provide veterans with electronic access to their medical records. Veterans will now be able to retrieve a CCD, in addition to the text-based medical record that has always provided.

“As of today, veterans can electronically download their entire medical record plus CCD summary,” -Peter Levin, VA chief technology officer.

Blue Button has also increased the amount of structured data it is sending to include demographics, an active problem list, discharge summaries, progress notes, expanded laboratory results, vitals, pathology reports, radiology reports, and electrocardiogram studies.

Humetrix — which won first place in the Blue Button app challenge last year — along with Microsoft and Northrop Grumman offer apps that parse this structured information into organized, trended data that delivers a more consumer-oriented experience.

Because of its overall success and future potential, Blue Button has been transferred from the VA to HHS so that a larger population of patients can use it.

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