Blueprint Health Demo Day 4/4/12

I’ve written about each of the startup incubators / accelerators / academies as they’ve announced classes of startups (Rock Health, Healthbox, StartupHealth, Blueprint Health). The three-month programs of Blueprint and Heathbox have "graduated" their first round of startups. Blueprint had its demo day in New York last week and Healthbox has its demo day today (Wednesday, April 4) in Chicago.

I wasn’t in New York last week, but the event was covered in several articles (here, here, here, and here — the last one is the best summary.) I also spoke with Brad Weinberg MD, a founder and partner at Blueprint, about the experience of the first Blueprint class. He was happy with how well the companies did at securing pilots and funding, both big milestones after only three months. In reading the summaries and progress of each company, I’m also impressed with how far most of them got.

Patient Communicator.

This is a very simple yet powerful concept of moving non-urgent phone calls between doctors and patients to online Q&A. It makes sense for both doctors and patients. It was built and tested with a practice and supposedly reduced call volume by 75%. The company has raised $100K of $350K.

SymCat. This enables patients to enter symptoms online and get recommendations of care and possible conditions. It has raised $100K of $400K.

Meddik. It organizes health-related news and adds in ratings. Seems interesting enough, especially if it can prioritize evidence-based and other trusted sources. It has raised $400K with a goal of $750K.

Needl. This is a Q&A platform that allows physicians to securely connect directly to pharma to ask questions about products. With limitations on vendors being on site, this makes sense. Since answers are documented, it provides an audit trail, which I imagine might help with bias. The company also plans to integrate its Q&A service into other health apps and platforms. It has one health system client. I wonder how long it will be before Epocrates launches this or partners for it?

InquisitHealth. This company matches patients with similar conditions and then connects them over the phone. The business model is selling to hospitals and support communities. It’s raised $100K of $350K.

5 O’Clock Records. I think of this like Patient Communicator above. Very simply, it automates the medical records request for physician offices and allows them to charge a fee for each request. The company estimates it can generate between $500 and $1,500 a month per provider. It signed a health system with 11,000 providers and has raised $320K of $500K.

AidIn. There has to be somebody doing post-discharge coordination in every incubator class. AidIn takes the approach of streamlining the discharge process for discharge managers — giving patients a choice of nurse-care providers based on ratings — and coordinating exchange of clinical data. The day-to-day of a discharge coordinator is incredibly unappealing to me, but maybe this can help with that. I wonder how long this will take to scale, as you need to do this geographically to integrate providers. It’s based in New York, so I’d be curious to see if it might leverage ZocDoc listings to coordinate follow-up appointments for patients. AidIn has raise $250K committed with a target of $600K.


iCouch makes it easy to find therapists and conduct video therapy online. Simple, but makes a lot of sense. It has 80 therapists but only 45 clients, which seems low. That’s probably why the company has raised $350K for marketing.

ProcuredHealth. This company helps hospitals quickly find and evaluate medical devices. It also helps device makers with leads. It currently has two hospital clients but I think it had one in Minnesota before Blueprint. It has raised $325K towards a goal of $750K.

I’ll be in Chicago today for the Healthbox demo day, so I can report directly about that. I’m curious to see how its class stacks up to the Blueprint class.

Travis Good is an MD/MBA involved with health IT startups. More about me.

  • As always, thanks for covering this space and tying together all the pieces. Look forward to your post on the Healthbox demo day!

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