News 6/16/10

Zargis Medical Corp licenses lung sound analysis technology from Stethographics, Inc, with plans to incorporate it into its telemedicine platform.

This well-balanced article discusses relevant issues to consider before implementing mobile devices, particularly the iPad.


News 6/14/10

American Diversified Holdings Corporation signs a software development agreement with Com-Guard to build secure healthcare applications for iPhones, iPads and Touch, and Android as the company enters the healthcare market. Com-Guard’s flagship product is ComputerSafe.

Saint Elizabeth Health Care, which delivers over 3.8 million home health visits annually in Canada, will roll out the CellTrak home care system to its front line workers to improve scheduling efficiency and operations. CellTrak will link to Procura’s clinical management system to load real-time schedule information and will use GPS data to optimize routes used by workers. Good news for Apple haters: CellTrak will run on Blackberry.


News 5/28/10

Halfpenny Technologies releases new critical value alerting, reporting feature for ITF-GoDoc solution. Health information exchange (HIE) vendor, Halfpenny Technologies, Inc., which specializes in laboratory, pathology and physician electronic medical record (EMR) system interoperability, has introduced a new critical value alerting and reporting feature for its ITF-GoDoc solution. ITF-GoDoc enables physicians to securely access laboratory, pathology and radiology result reports from their iPhone, Droid or Blackberry Storm-powered smartphones. The critical value alerting and reporting feature of ITF-GoDoc delivers laboratory results and critical value alerts from any hospital or laboratory information system directly to clinicians’ smartphones to ensure failsafe notification, instant documentation, automatic tracking, escalation and reporting of serious alerts.

WebMD makes a house call on the iPad. WebMD has released an iPad version of its popular website. The application provides access to detailed information about hundreds of health conditions, from the ordinary to the obscure. What’s more, the new app has an added feature that lets you search local health listings. If that’s not enough, the symptom checker provides hours and hours of stress-filled worry for the hypochondriac in the family… Primary care docs are going to love this!


News 5/25/10

2010 Mobile Merit Awards announced. The Mobile Merit Awards recognizes companies, individuals and technologies that have shaped the way in which the world communicates. Winner of the mHealth category is WellDoc. Runner-up goes to PatientKeeper. Congratulations to both companies!

The mHealth Initiative, in conjunction with Brandman University School of Nursing and Health Professions, announces the 2010 Awards for Nursing Innovation Using Mobile Technology in Clinical Practice. According to Claudia Tessier, President of mHealth Initiative, “We particularly want to recognize the adoption of mobile apps in nursing as this important component of healthcare is often overlooked.”… I personally couldn’t agree more. I hope there are plenty of nominations that highlight new solutions and use-cases, as well as just great success stories. I’m happy to pass them along in this forum if you know of any.


News 5/21/10

Palm Pre Plus now available on AT&T… I just read through a bunch of reviews from people who purchased the Pre from AT&T and have had the device for all of two days. Pretty much all glowing reviews, mostly from people coming off of an iPhone. I, on the other hand, have just started using an iPhone 3GS after using the Pre on Sprint for nearly a year. I love the iPhone. I also loved the Pre when I first got it. I was coming off a Blackberry at the time. I feel like the iPhone is just a much more evolved device, but who knows? Maybe it’s just new gadget infatuation. I will say this to Pre newbies – the battery life is atrocious (which many have already identified), but worse, the software freezes periodically and it takes like 5 minutes to reboot. I kid you not. When I fly, it literally takes from the time the plane touches down until it reaches the gate for it to turn on. Everyone else has already checked their email and made a phone call. It’s a little embarrassing actually. It will be interesting to see how webOS evolves under HP.

PatientKeeper announces availability of mobile clinical results on the iPad… Not much to add to this other than kudos to PK for being among the first out the gate on the iPad, and more importantly for doing so as a native application. I think it is a key approach that separates true mobility companies from those that dabble… i.e. a smartphone, or a slate for that matter, is not just another end-point.

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