News 4/5/10

iPad is on the street. And initial response? So far, pretty much what we expected – great consumer device, but lacking in a number of ways that could limit its business role. First-day sales estimates of the iPad are 700,000 units sold. Not bad for a day’s work. If you’re among the early buyers, send me an email and tell me what you think.

Research In Motion (RIM) posts strong quarterly earnings, but share price falls amid concern. Despite a 13 percent increase in net income compared to last year, the average price of a BlackBerry handset sold to a carrier was $311 last quarter versus the $320 estimate. The company estimates the average price per handset will further drop to between $305 and $310 this quarter. While RIM’s market share remains strong, it continues to decline. Speculation of a CDMA-enabled iPhone for Verizon casts further doubt on RIM’s outlook. The company’s share price fell by more than 7 percent following its earnings call – the company’s biggest decline in six months.


News 4/1/10

New iPhone for Verizon Wireless? According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple plans to begin producing a CDMA version of the iPhone later this year. While the vast majority of the world uses the GSM standard currently supported by the iPhone, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp. and a handful of cellular operators in countries including South Korea and Japan operate on CDMA. Does this signal the end of AT&T’s exclusivity – which is largely credited for making AT&T the dominant smartphone leader? According to comScore Inc., AT&T has over 43% of all U.S. smart-phone customers, compared with 23% for Verizon.

iPad in stores this Saturday at 9am. If my survey is any indication of interest, I suggest you arrive early if you hope to get one this weekend.


News 3/26/10

iPhone provides vital link to medical records. This is a pretty interesting case study by Apple and Toronto’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, with a slick video to boot. You might think this is an overt statement to RIM – the fact that Apple’s healthcare enterprise ‘coming-out’ party is in Toronto, about an hour drive from RIM headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario. There’s more to it, though. Mt. Sinai has developed an in-house iPhone app called VitalHub for displaying patient records, test results, vitals, as well as access to the hospital’s repository of medical literature. More than just an app, VitalHub Corp., a Mount Sinai Hospital company, appears to be making preparations for a formal launch.

Healthagen launches new iPhone version of its consumer-focused healthcare information app. iTriage 2.0 vastly improves the search capabilities for finding healthcare providers and better connects medical symptoms to the specific physicians who treat those conditions.


News 3/24/10

AT&T expands industry’s leading lineup of popular smartphones. The carrier has added the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus, and will soon unveil an Android-based smartphone from Dell – the Dell Aero. This will be Dell’s first smartphone available in the U.S., and will feature a custom user interface developed by Dell and AT&T.

Also from AT&T… Vitality GlowCaps utilize AT&T wireless network to improve prescription medication adherence. GlowCaps are intelligent pill caps that fit on standard prescription bottles and use light then sound reminders, which can be followed by a phone call or text message so people don’t miss a dose. In addition to supporting and tracking medication compliance, data generated by GlowCaps can be used to automatically refill prescriptions as pills deplete… Pretty cool stuff.


Readers Write 3/22/10

Microsoft Throws Interesting Win 7 Mobile Ingredients into the MIX

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