Another crazy day. As I walked the quarter mile from my hotel to the HIMSS bus line, cold rain turned to snow!  Hats off to HIMSS logistics. Despite the poor traffic and the weather conditions, they managed to get everyone to the show fairly efficiently. (Can’t quite make out the snow in the photo)

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What a day! I was fortunate enough to get on to the floor before it officially opened at 1230pm. What an impressive and odd site. Like a massive – and I mean massive – ballroom before the guests arrive. Companies and union crews scurrying to make last minute preparations. Mostly taping down carpet and steaming wrinkles out of floating overhead signage.

As I made my way around the floor, companies of all sizes were having their final team meetings in preparation for the thousands of soon-to-arrive attendees. It was an odd combination of cheer-leading, marketing message “tune-ups”, and presentation dry-runs. It reminded me a bit of Blade Runner – replicants passionately running through their scripts for imaginary audiences. Allscripts, with its massive booth, has an equally massive army of company representatives – all wearing orange. On the other end of the spectrum, companies with only a handful of representatives were also huddling, organizing and psyching themselves up for what they hoped would be a throng of new leads from the wave of attendees soon crashing the floor.


News 2/26/10

PatientKeeper and NextGate form partnership for Health Information Exchange. Under the partnership, PatientKeeper will offer NextGate’s Enterprise Master Patient Index solution as an option for its customers. NextGate’s MatchMetrix™ Suite for EMPI will connect with the PatientKeeper Platform™ to provide a single view of patient information to enhance PatientKeeper’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) capabilities… Paul Brient discusses PatientKeeper’s HIE rationale in a recent interview.

Healthy Travel Media announces world’s first mobile app for medical tourism. Publishers of the Patients Beyond Borders series is developing the HealthTraveler iPhone app. The application will allow patients and international travelers to quickly find the highest-quality, American-accredited hospitals and clinics in the world’s 50 most-traveled tourist destinations. HealthTraveler is expected to be released in the Fall of 2010… What? In the Fall? We’ll all be using iPads by then. Is this what it takes now to claim a “first” in the iPhone app race? Well, at least they have their app icon.


HIStalk Mobile Interviews Paul Brient

Paul Brient is President and CEO of PatientKeeper

How does PatientKeeper help organizations achieve meaningful use?


Readers Write 2/23/10

The iPad is dead. Long live the iPad.

By the UI Guy

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