Cerner Set to Acquire PureWellness

2-26-2013 9-28-15 PM

Cerner announced Monday that it will acquire health and wellness developer PureWellness . With the acquisition, Cerner positions itself to deliver perhaps the most sophisticated centralized population health platform on the market.

Dubbed Cerner Wellness, the platform enables health organizations to run big data analytics to evaluate overall population risk and provides patient-facing tools to address those risks. By coupling back-end analysis with front-end tools, Cerner hopes that the value proposition will be high enough to entice patients to engage with the health organization in the post-acute environment.

“We recognize the need to engage the patient or member in maintaining their own health; this is where the PureWellness platform fits in. The platform will enable us to support individuals directly in reducing their health risks, and managing their chronic conditions. This will empower people to have a higher quality of life and lower costs for the whole health system.” – Matthew Swindells, Cerner SVP

The development of this platform may nose Cerner into the frontrunner position within the EHR vendor market place for patient engagement strategies. The acquisition is expected to close next month.

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