ChartSpan Raises $1.7 Million For Vendor Agnostic Patient Portal App


Greenville, SC-based digital health startup ChartSpan announces that it has raised a $1.7 million Series A, led by existing strategic investor Don Byrne, bringing the company’s total raised to $3 million since its 2012 launch. Byrne, himself a former healthcare startup founder, has led all of ChartSpan’s rounds thus far. Prior to ChartSpan, Byrne built an endoscopy startup called Byrne Medical that manufacturers disposable infection control products aimed at eliminating the need to sterilize some endoscopy equipment between uses. The company was acquired by Minntech in 2011 for $100 million.

With a committed investor behind it, ChartSpan is now working on a real problem in healthcare, the siloed state of patient portals. The Meaningful Use program mandated that all providers, hospitals, and practices, roll out patient portals so that patients would have online access to their medical records. As well intentioned as the requirement was, it has led to an environment in which every primary and secondary care setting a patient receives care in has a slice of the patient’s overall medical record stored on its patient portal. To date, there is no central, integrated place for a patient to see their full medical record online.


ChartSpan is working on changing this reality by building an app that will accept patient data from a number of different EHR systems using a variety of new technologies. The company uses BlueButton and CCD exchange protocols to pull new visit information into the record for its users from any EHR that supports these exchange protocols. It also allows users to take pictures of paper records and applies optical character recognition to extract information from the photo and populate the patient’s record. Next, ChartSpan gives users the ability to send their complete record, or parts of it, to new providers or other interested parties, such as schools.

Since launching its app, which is currently only available in iOS, the company has earned an impressive 4.5 user rating, and has climbed to the number-one most downloaded app in the medical category on iTunes. The company reports that it will add an Android app in early 2015, and will add a Web-based version later in the year.

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