Clinical Trial Finds Significant Benefits For Teletherapy Services

8-5-2013 10-51-16 PM

Findings from a small randomized control trial published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research highlight the effectiveness of self-guided, web-based therapy services as a new delivery method. Researchers from the University of Tromsø, Norway had patients with mild to moderate depression enroll in MoodGYM’s self-guided behavioral therapy program, supplemented by brief therapist support. The study measured outcomes after six weeks compared to patients who received no treatment at all.

At the onset of the study, researchers said that they were looking for an alternative source of behavioral therapy for the large population of patients who either never pursue face-to-face psychotherapy despite being referred, or who quickly stop attending sessions.

Researchers conclude that combining self-guided behavioral therapy services, like MoodGYM, with brief therapist support can be an effective treatment for patients with mild or moderate depression. The intervention alleviates depressive symptoms and has a significant positive effect on anxiety symptoms and satisfaction with life

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