CloudPrime Introduces New HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing App

CloudPrime, a San Francisco-based app developer that previously focused primarily on secure messaging solutions, announces the release of an app that will provide file transfer functionality to healthcare settings. The app is essentially a DropBox knockoff, except that it delivers the security requirements necessary to protect patient privacy and maintain HIPAA requirements.

“We have built the product based on the input of numerous healthcare professionals, including ER physicians, leading radiologists, CMIOs, and large providers—all while coupling it with military grade security” –Mari Tangredi, co-founder of CloudPrime

12-16-2012 4-11-52 PM

Dubbed QuickDrop, the app has some powerful features for a first version. File sizes are unlimited, so diagnostic images and videos can be transmitted within the app along with documents, text messages, and voice memos.

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