Connected Health on Wheels

Digital health finds a new end-user device: the automobile. Partnered with car manufacturers across the globe, health-related features are becoming a mainstream offering of modern vehicle operating systems.

Vehicles represent one of the few locations of life capable of daily monitoring of weight, pulse, blood pressure, respiration rate, and even glucose.

“The future is embedded biosensors in the car that allow for a passive approach to data collection. This is not something the individual has to remember to put on, wear or sync—compliance is a non-issue. It is sitting in your car everyday and letting the data collect itself.” – Dana Lowell, Faurecia, Automotive Supply.

Some leading automakers, looking to explore additional revenue streams, are embracing the idea. Ford Motor Company has developed an AppLink platform that offers integration with continuous glucose monitors, environmental allergy alerts, and WellDoc.

Rock Health recently released a report called Smart Seating in which it suggests that just as the car has evolved to address safety concerns, it is well position to continue its evolution into the health and wellness markets.

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