Consumer Smartphone Usage Catching Up to Television Usage

In the United States, 2011 marked the year that time spent browsing on desktop computers was passed by time spent in mobile apps. In 2012, time spent on consumer mobile devices nearly took over the number one preoccupation of America: television. A recent study published by Flurry Analytics tracks the growth of mobile application adoption as a measurement of consumer time spent per day suggests that 2012 may be the last year that television is the primary means of digital entertainment in America.

12-6-2012 9-20-01 PM

The data suggests that users are spending twice as much time in mobile applications as they are browsing the internet, and nearly as much time as they are watching television. This is an exciting proposition for mHealth proponents who appear to have backed the right horse for patient engagement methods .

“We ultimately expect apps on tablets and smartphones to challenge broadcast television as the dominant channel for media consumption,” – Flurry Analytics CEO Simon Khalaf.

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