DMI Diagnostic Wins Nokia Health Sensor XPRIZE Challenge


Today, after 16 months of competition, the Nokia Sensing XPRIZE challenge came to a close, with judges handing the grand prize to DMI Diagnostic of Cambridge, MA. The contest challenged innovators to push past the boundaries of existing health sensors to create new sensors that would make health data cheaper to capture and more accessible to consumers.

DMI responded to the challenge with its rHEALTH remote lab system, a consumer device that uses nanotechnology to extract 200 lab test results from a single drop of blood, with accuracy levels that meet FDA gold standards. The system also includes a wireless transdermal patch that captures EKG, SPo2, respiratory rate, heart rate, and core body temperature. This data is wirelessly transmitted to a handheld device where both the vitals and the lab data are combined to provide consumers with on-demand access to a detailed health assessment. The device was designed in partnership with NASA as a next generation diagnostic tool for astronauts.

The rHEALTH is interestingly also a finalist in the much higher stakes Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, where devices must not only be able to capture a full set of vitals, but it must be able to interpret that data to perform in-home diagnostics for 13 common conditions, including pneumonia and UTIs.

For winning the Sensor Challenge, DMI walks away with a $525,000 prize and a sense of confidence as its shifts its focus fully on the challenge that lies ahead with the Tricorder XPRIZE.

Runner ups in the competition, who each receive $120,000,  include:

  • Biovotion – created a wearable multi-sensor arm band that captures a continuous stream of vital sign data for remote monitoring of patients with chronic conditions.
  • Eigen Lifescience – created a smartphone-connected clinical lab analyzer.
  • Endotronix Wireless Health Monitoring – created an implantable pressure sensor that captures pulmonary artery pressure and wirelessly transmits it to a reader. The sensor integrates with chronic disease management software platform designed to support heart failure patients.
  • Golden Gopher Magnetic Biosensing Team – created a sensing device that will simultaneously detect up to 10 health indicators.
  • GUES – created new technology that detects sleep apnea and hypopnea.

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