Employee Wellness Startup Keas Raises $8 Million in Venture Financing

6-25-2013 7-05-09 PM

Keas, a health startup founded by former head of Google Health Adam Bosworth, launched in 2009 with the goal of delivering financial planning, similar to Mint.com but for healthcare costs. The strategy never got off the ground. As a result, Keas adjusted its strategic approach, moving toward employee wellness platforms. Earlier this year, after several years of lukewarm results, the company again shifted its strategy. Upper management was replaced and the product was redesigned to be more consumer oriented.

Keas is now building an employee health and wellness program delivered through a social networking site that the company says will outperform most incumbent systems by three to one. The average employee, they report,  engages with the platform 12 times a month.

The changes at Keas finally appear to be taking root in the market. The company announced that in the last year it has doubled its active user base, added several enterprise clients, and raised an additional $8 million in venture capital. The new funding will be used to continue building and supporting the enterprise employee wellness product.

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