Excubator Program Looks to Ensure Launch Success

9-28-2013 4-03-02 PM

Chicago-based Ensemble launches a new excubator that offers a post-accelerator program support to startups. The price is $176,000 or $105,000 and 6.8 percent equity for six months.

Excubators operate under a similar model to an incubator, delivering a variety of support services along with office space and mentorship over a long period of time in exchange for equity. However, excubators usually require a cash payment. Unlike accelerators or incubators, excubators do not provide funding.

Startups are pressured to simultaneously raise funds, build a product, and launch, so it might be questioned by they would spend so much on a service-oriented program that does not provide capital. Accelerators offer more than funding and most only accept three to five percent of the companies that apply. This leaves a large market of startups seeking a structured support system to help it through early-stage development. Many are also seeking funding, but for those that don’t need it, Ensemble’s program will offer everything else.

“There are more pieces to the puzzle that you can’t get out of a 12-week incubator program. We are the opposite of an incubator. We can work with companies for multiple years, and maybe double or triple the odds of success.” – George Deeb, founder of Ensemble

Ensemble attempts to provide startups with the same support services sought at marketing agencies, incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, and startup universities, but all under one roof.

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