EyeNetra Raises $2 Million In Funding For Remote Eye Exams

6-30-2013 10-04-35 PM

EyeNetra, a Somerville, MA-based startup, raises $2 million for a $2 smartphone attachment that helps ophthalmologists remotely diagnose eye conditions. The new technology, as well as the company itself, can trace its origins to the MIT Media Lab, where CEO David Schafran met fellow co-founder and CTO Vitor Pamplona. Pamplona had been researching remote eye care diagnostic tools as part of his PhD program and the technology behind EyeNetra became the cornerstone to his thesis.

The new funding adds to an earlier $1 million investment raised last year. While the startup will need FDA 510(k) clearance if it ships units within the US, EyeNetra’s primary goal is to field the solution in remote regions of the world where ophthalmologists struggle to effectively care for a geographically dispersed patient population.

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