First Derm Launches Indiegogo Campaign To Raise Funds For A Smarpthone-Connected Dermoscope


Calling its new invention “the best thing to happen to skin since sun screen,” First Derm has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for HÜD, a smartphone-connected dermoscope. The device clips over the camera lens of a smartphone, creating a medical grade camera that can be used to evaluate moles, track changes over time, and help remote dermatologists diagnose conditions more accurately. First Derm launched in Sweden in 2009 with an app that connects consumers with dermatologists for online evaluations. The app helps users position and take pictures of concerning moles, warts, or rashes, and then arranges for a dermatologist to review the image and provide guidance to the user. The service costs users $40 and guarantees a diagnosis within 24 hours.


At first launch, First Derm marketed itself as a discrete way to have STD symptoms checked out, but the company quickly expanded to support all skin-related medical conditions. Because of its commitment to discretion, First Derm does not collect demographic information or even the names of its users. Company Founder Alexander Borve reports that while the team has managed to push into broader user groups, 70 percent of its consultations are still STD related. Now, with a growing user base First Derm is introducing new tools to help it continue to grow beyond this niche market. Its new HÜD camera is designed to help it market to a wider population of people who have moles they might be concerned about.

The company launched its Indiegogo campaign eight days ago, and thus far has only raised $6,700 of its $25,000 goal, though because it is running a flexible funding campaign it will keep any funding raised. The HÜD devices are being sold as perks for $80 each, with early bird specials bringing that price as low as $60. An important note is that the accompanying app does not attempt to evaluate the images with algorithms, it still relies solely on the professional judgment of a licensed dermatologist. This is important because it means that the only benefit the camera brings to users is a clearer picture. The First Derm app is already capable of taking images of moles, and First Derm’s dermatology team is already providing evaluations on moles.

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