First FDA Cleared At-Home Allergy Test Kit Released

4-16-2013 5-35-40 PM

MyAllergyTest announces the general availability of an at-home allergy test that is capable of screening users for 10 key allergens, ranging from food to environmental triggers. The FDA-cleared test brings needed information to a public that the American College of Allergen, Asthma and Immunology says contains more than 60 million sufferers of allergies.

The MyAllergyTest platform operates as a mail-away business model, where users purchase a test kit at a local pharmacy, collect a small blood sample at home, and then mail the sample to a lab for analysis. Results are posted to a private patient portal within days.

“MyAllergyTest is the first lab-based quantitative lgE test and allergy diagnostic of its kind to juse just a few drops of blood to test for 10 separate allergens.” – Lisa Etkins, CEO of ImmuneTech Inc.

Beyond allergy diagnostic information, the platform delivers customized allergy management plans based on the individual’s test results.

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