Fitbit Finalizes Acquisition of Fitstar


Fitbit announces this week that it has finalized its acquisition digital health startup Fitstar, makers of an app that uses activity data to generate personalized workout programs. The acquisition in and of itself is not new news, as it was publically announced in early March, but when the deal was announced financial terms were not disclosed. This week, an SEC filing detailing the acquisition suggests that Fitbit paid nearly $18 million for the company.

Fitstar launched in 2012 and has since raised $5 million in VC funding between its seed and Series A rounds. Google Ventures backed it early on, and returned, along with Advancit Capital and Floodgate, to lead its second round in 2013. The company also counts Mesa Ventures and Trinity Ventures among its investors. After just three years of work, and few VCs to cash out, the venture was a likely a profitable one for founders Mike Maser and Dave Grijalva.

Fitstar is a subscription-based app that competes with traditional gyms by delivering personalized workouts designed to support users as they pursue their own fitness goals. The workouts are inspired by CrossFit style exercises, so they require no equipment, are short in duration, and require little space. The app has tracks focused on strength building, weight loss, and health maintenance. Compared to a traditionally gym, Fitstar is cheap. The company charges just $8 per month, or $40 per year. In addition to its workouts, Fitstar also markets a yoga-based fitness program designed to challenge users at any skill level, and then pushes users to develop their flexibility and skill over time.

To support long-term fitness tracking, Fitstar integrates with a number of devices, including Fitbit, wifi-enabled digital scales, and smartphone-based health platforms like HealthKit. Third-party data, like heart rate, is used to quantify exertion and daily weight is used to monitor progress toward fitness goals.

Now, as Fitbit absorbs Fitstar, users can begin to expect a more all encompassing experience from Fitbit. The company has a broad range of wearable devices, and now has a digital app designed to promote increased activity.

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