George Washington University Lands $1.9 Million Grant for Diabetes mHealth Research

9-15-2013 9-42-48 PM

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute will provide a $1.9 million grant for Richard Katz, MD, director of the division of cardiology at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences to pursue a three-year project evaluating the use of cell phones to improve management of chronic diseases.

The study will focus on diabetes management. Only 63 percent of diabetic patients are successfully achieving their glycemic, lipid, and blood pressure goals. The study will follow three groups for one year, the first will be assigned only by a community health worker, the second will be given access to the mHealth support program being developed, and the third will be both assigned a community health worker, and given access to the mHealth program.

The mHealth program will provide a platform for recording and tracking blood sugar and blood pressure levels, which will be reviewed by community health workers that will provide the necessary coaching and educational reinforcement throughout the year.

“This new chronic care model has the potential to modernize the traditional doctor-patient relationship, improve health, and reduce medical costs. With this award, we believe we’ll find that patients with access to both the cell phone system and community health worker will have improved wellness behaviors and clinical outcome goals.” Richard Katz, research lead at GWU.

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