Glooko Unveils Population Health Platform

5-12-2013 1-12-11 PM

Palo Alto, CA.-based Glooko unveils a new population health component to its product line that will compliment its diabetes management system. Called Glooko Population Tracker, the service will be marketed to health systems and payers, rather than directly to consumers. Glooko designed the system to give organizations a real-time view of glucose management behaviors within its diabetic populations.

Glooko’s diabetes management system allows patients to easily push glucose readings from a wide variety of glucometers to a smartphone app, where users can track changes over time and share their results with a primary care physician. The new population health tracker aggregates data from these users in an application that supports glucose management efforts at the community level.

The app will evaluate individual glucose management behaviors and automatically group patients into different risk levels to help match the right resources with the right patients. It will also send an alert to clinicians if any patients have instances of potentially harmful glucose levels. For health systems moving to an ACO model, where the goal is keeping patient healthy and out of the hospital, programs like this will be increasingly valuable in the effort to reduce preventable emergency department visits.

“Our mission is to create positive outcomes and lower costs to the health system through the right combination of patient engagement, provider engagement, and population management analytics Glooko Population Tracker tackles the costs of diabetes complications by putting the power of meaningful interventions in the hands of clinicians and care managers before complications show up in their patient population.” – Rick Altinger, Glooko CEO.

The product release comes just a month after Glooko announced that it has formed a strategic alliance partnership with Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, MA. The partnership was created to research and develop predictive analytics tools that rely on pattern recognition that would be able to forecast dangerous glucose fluctuations and warn both the patient and the responsible health system before the event occurs.

The partnership will also lead to a “Virtual Joslin” service embedded in the Glooko application. Virtual Joslin is a feature designed to provide one-on-one coaching for patients in between their in-person office visits. It ensures that patients have within the Glooko application, patient’s have a team of real clinicians that are actively monitoring their glucose management and they can interact with and ask questions of.

The National Institute of Health estimates that there are roughly 25 million Americans living with diabetes, or eight percent of the total population. Stanford University estimates that complications associated with diabetes account for $13 billion per year in direct hospitalizations.

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