Google Tackles Handwriting Recognition With New Update

1-20-2013 4-41-50 PM

Google releases its next generation of handwriting recognition software with major enhancements. Smartphone users can write characters one on top of the other, essentially stacking letters to compensate for the limited screen space available on a smartphone.  By overlapping letters, the user has more real estate to write. This results in larger text and leads to a clearer interpretation by Google’s handwriting recognition software.

Next, Google has embedded additional logic to help the system more successfully distinguish between a lowercase “L”, a “1”, and an “I”.

Finally, Google has expanded its support of Chinese handwriting recognition by allowing multiple Chinese characters at a time.

Having a powerhouse like Google tackling handwriting recognition in a meaningful way is good for digital health and the entire health IT industry. Technology has struggled to improve productivity for physicians when documenting notes. As voice recognition options mature and natural language processing analytics become more sophisticated, there should also be a strong demand for a high performance handwriting recognition solution to fully automate the documentation workflow for physicians.

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