Guitar Hero Producers Launch New Gamified Fitness Platform

12-16-2013 9-23-03 PM

In July, Kai and Charles Huang, co-creators of Guitar Hero, announced a new venture that they would be working on together that would focus on fitness. The new venture is called Blue Goji, and it might be the first serious attempt at a gamified physical fitness platform that was conceived and developed by gaming experts of this caliber.

Six months after announcing their new venture, Blue Gogi is now unveiling its flagship product, Gogi Play, a gaming console designed to take to the gym. It comes with two wireless game controllers, and an activity tracker. The platform relies on a tablet or smartphone to act as a display for the video games, and currently only supports iOS devices.

Users attach the activity tracker to their clothing, and hold onto the two wireless controllers. Alternatively, the controllers can be strapped around the handles of a treadmill or elliptical. As the game starts, users find that the story within the game sets the pace for their workout. The performance of the character in the game is dependent on the individual’s real-life workout. The hope is that the game’s themselves will be addictive enough to keep people running, or pedaling, for a bit longer, or a bit harder, than they might otherwise have.

Currently, the system comes with 12 games. There are several racing games designed to be played along with an exercise bike or treadmill. A boxing game that increases your punch strength as you increase the intensity of your workout. Some of the games do seem antiquated, like brick breaker, a game that’s been around since the 70’s. However, the new gamification platform does supporting third-party game and app development, so presumably as long as the devices sell well, there will be more games to follow.

In addition to the games, Gogi Play offers a solution to those that like to read while running. Rather than swiping at an iPad to get it to change pages, the Gogi Play does come with an app that can be used to navigate e-books.

For now, the new gaming platform is marketing its product direct-to-consumer, selling it over its own site, and over Amazon for $99. There are rumors that the company is in talks with major fitness chains to have the games installed in gym’s across the country. That would be a great way to get their new games into the hands of the consumers to build momentum.

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