Healthcare Leading Driver of 3D Printing Industry

4-10-2013 4-36-41 PM

A recent market analysis of the booming 3D printing market places healthcare front and center as a leading growth driver. Lux Research estimates that by 2025, the $700 million market will grow to $8.4 billion, with the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries contributing 85 percent of the customer base. Barriers to larger growth still exist. Costs will need to come down to improve 3D printing’s position among alternatives.

“Right now, I think the main thing in medical is that 3D printing has shown that it can produce medical devices and parts that will function, but they have not yet shown that they are superior to traditional devices. Nor have they shown that they’re cheaper, so it’s not likely that government or insurers will pay for them.” – Anthony Vicari, research associate at Luxe and lead author of the report.

Areas of interest for 3D printing in healthcare include orthopedic implants, which could be customized for individual patients.

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