HealthTap Enters The Employee Wellness Market


Palo Alto, CA-based consumer health startup HealthTap unveils a new health and wellness platform designed to help the company compete in the employee wellness market. Until now, HealthTap’s growth strategy has been entirely consumer-focused, but with an established network of online physicians and a growing body of clinical content, the company feels that it now has the foundation in place to begin offering more lucrative, enterprise-class solutions.

The company’s new product, called HealthTap Compass, aims to reduce healthcare costs for employers by integrating HealthTap’s network of online physicians into the care delivery process for employers, a move it hopes will drive down the need for more expensive traditional services. Within Compass, employers will be able to instant message or video conference with specialists for free. HealthTap’s physicians will have free reign to prescribe medications for employees, order lab tests and interpret the results, and write referrals for local in-network specialists.

In addition to expanded access to virtual consultations, employees will also have access to a centralized action plan written for them by a HealthTap physician. The action plan lays out a comprehensive treatment plan and HealthTap helps to ensure that employees are following the plan by sending medication reminders and reminders of upcoming appointments or other treatments.

Employees will also have integrated access to HealthTap’s RateRx database, a physician crowd-sourced medication reference library that lets users search for a condition and then review a list of which medications most providers use for treatment. HealthTap’s Compass application also serves up appointment reminders, medication reminders, and patient-specific chronic disease management educational materials.

Along with the launch of its new service, HealthTap announced that it has signed its first enterprise customer, Flex. Flex, formerly Flextronics, is a 200,000 employee company that helps companies design new products and then put the manufacturing logistics in place. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has staff working at 100 offices spread across 30 countries.

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