HealthTap Launches New Suite Of Apps Aimed At Enterprise Healthcare Market


Digital health startup HealthTap launches its newest product, HOPES, a suite of applications designed to help enterprise healthcare organizations implement a plug-and-play population health solution that interfaces with hospital and clinic EHRs and supplements traditional care delivery with telehealth visits, secure messaging, appointment scheduling and reminders, online medical Q&A services, and a back-end analytics system. The platform is being marketed as a healthcare “operating system,” which is an odd choice, considering that it is in no way an actual operating system. HealthTap seems to be saying that it views this new product as an all-in-one solution for health systems that want to meaningfully expand their reach outside the walls of the hospital.

HOPES, short for Health Operating System, includes seven applications designed to help health systems engage with the public. HealthTap’s communications app provides doctors and other clinicians with a secure method of communicating both amongst themselves and with patients. This tool includes support for text, voice, and live video communications and provides health systems with all the tools needed to begin supporting telehealth visits. An administrative app helps patients book appointments, be it telehealth or in-person, and facilitates online payments. An engagement app helps health systems communicate with all key players in the care delivery system, sending appointment reminders to both the patient and the doctor, and monitoring the patient’s health between visits and after hospitalizations. The health content app is largely a rebranding of HealthTap’s flagship Q&A platform, providing patients with peer-reviewed answers to common medical questions. The platform also includes integration points with retail pharmacies and laboratories so that prescriptions can be renewed and lab tests can be scheduled and results reviewed. Lastly, the entire platform collects data that feeds an analytics platform designed to give health systems dashboards for managing and improving population health programs.

HealthTap has solid experience with engaging patients on their health concerns, having built a business from an online medical Q&A platform to one that offers telehealth visits, an employee wellness platform, and a database of prescription drug information compiled from the recommendations of thousands of doctors. The new platform further broadens HealthTap’s target market, which now includes consumers, employers, and enterprise healthcare organizations.

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