HealthTap Unveils App Prescribing Platform

5-8-2013 8-58-22 PM

Palo Alto, Calif-based HealthTap, a free mobile health service that connects anonymous patients that have medical questions with board-certified physicians willing to provide answers, has announced that it will expand it’s platform to allow physicians to not only answer questions, but also recommend helpful mobile apps.

The service, called AppRx, allows physicians on the platform to review and recommend any of the 40,000 medical health apps currently available on the iOS and Android marketplaces.

“AppRx is one of the most important releases in the mobile health revolution…We see a huge potential in engaging doctors to help people choose the best health and wellness apps for them and integrate mobile apps into the process of providing real reliable and engaging care.” – HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman.

The announcement comes on the heels of a $24 million Series B announcement released earlier this month. HealthTap also announced that it would be adding Keith Rabois, former COO of Square, to its board of directors.

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