Hello Raises $10.5 Million For Sleep Tracking Device


Hello, a startup designing a passive sleep tracking device, announces that it has closed an impressive $10.5 million funding round contributed entirely by angel investors. Investor names were not disclosed, but reports indicate that many contributed as much as $1 million in early stage funding for the startup. The momentum is on Hello’s side, as the company also just closed out a $2.4 million Kickstarter campaign, bringing Hello’s total funding to $13 million, all without accepting venture capital money.

Hello is creating a sleep tracker that passively captures information about a users sleep patterns, and the noise and light conditions in the room.  A small sensor called the Sleep Pill containing an accelerometer and gyroscope resides in a pouch within the users pillow, picking up subtle movements throughout the night. The Sleep Pill’s battery lasts for a year and requires no charging. It’s also completely waterproof, so if it accidently gets sent through the washing machine, the company claims it will have no effect on performance, longevity, or accuracy. Information captured by the Sleep Pill is sent via Bluetooth to a base station that sits on a nearby nightstand. The base station houses an ambient light sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, a noise sensor, and a particulate sensor for monitoring air quality.

All of the data captured by the sleep tracking device synchs with a smartphone app that stores and displays sleep patterns, identifying common sleep disruptors over time, and calculating a nightly sleep score based on the quality of sleep achieved, and the overall quality of the environment – how dark or quiet the room was. The device also monitors a user’s natural sleep cycle, and a built in alarm clock wakes users at the optimal time in their cycle, within a 30 minute window of when they need to wake up.

Hello was launched in 2012 by 23-year-old James Proud. Originally from South London, the Silicon Valley rising star is already on his second startup. In 2008, he launched GigLocator, a music discovery and concert tracking platform. The company was acquired by the Williamsburg-based music venue Brooklyn Bowl in 2012. Proud came to Silicon Valley through the Thiel “20 under 20” Fellowship grant, which gives $100,000 to 20 promising tech entrepreneurs under 20 years old to pay for them to skip college and move right on to the tech scene in San Francisco.

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