HIMSS 2011 Mobile Roundup

Below is a list of mobile health and telemedicine related news and stories from this week’s HIMSS11 conference in Orlando.


Verizon Wireless and Zipit Wireless introduce Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution, a Zipit-built product that will only be available from Verizon. The two-way paging system uses a dedicated device that will work over Wi-Fi or Verizon 3G and is coupled to a cloud-based administration portal for remote management and reprogramming.

Bottomline Technologies, which comes from a document automation background across multiple industries, announces Inprotica, a mobile solution for hospitals meant to streamline the patient consent and registration process.


AT&T announces a) a mobility solution to allow smart phone access to the AT&T HIE solution; b) a telehealth pilot with St. Joseph Health System (CA); and c) an mHealth pilot with Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC – an insurer) to help HCHS employees better manage their diabetes through AT&Ts partnership with WellDoc’s DiabetesManager.

GE launches mobile access (iPad and iPhone) for its Centricity Advance (EMR) and Centricity Practice Solution. The company has a promo in which any provider that signs of for Centricity Advance between now and March 31, 2011 will get a free iPad. Nice promo right before the new iPad 2s come out.    


More carrier news. Sprint and IDEAL LIFE announce a partnership to use Sprint’s machine-to-machine (M2M) platform and network to transmit home monitoring data from IDEAL LIFE’s home health hub.

Practice Fusion launches iPad access to its free EMR. Practice Fusion worked with LogMeIn, a remote desktop product company, to provide mobile access to the EMR. The cost of the app is $29.95. I’m curious what people think of the user experience of Practice Fusion through LogMeIn, as it’s essentially just a remote desktop tool.   

BoxTone showcases the application of its Mobile Service Management (MSM) software to secure mobile devices in healthcare. MSM automates the process of monitoring and supporting mobile devices.


Motion Computing announces a new, lower-price-point version of its Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) tablet. The new, cheaper ($1,899) tablet comes with an i3 processor and 30 GB solid state drive. I know Motion’s tablets are made very durable and do a lot of things lower end tablets do not, but that still seems like a high price tag to me.


Fujifilm debuts Synapse Mobility, a mobile app for accessing images stored in Fujifilm Synapse systems. The app displays 3D images and is compatible with Apple and Android devices. A trial of the app at Ohio Health found “faster decision making and improved patient care.” The mobile experience and functionality is meant to mirror that of a workstation user.


Specialty pharmacy and home care firm BioScrip announces that it will begin using a connected health platform from HealthyCircles. HealthCircles will provide portals for BioScrip to facilitate connections and communications among patients, caregivers, and family members.  

Hewlett-Packard rolls out Virtual Health Management (V-Health), a suite of tools for remote monitoring and telemedicine. HP also announced it is working with Greenway on integration with Greenways’s EHR and PM platforms.

And here’s an overview story of some of the major connected health stories out of HIMSS, including those from Verizon, Sprint, and GE.

Travis Good is in his final year of an MD/MBA program and is involved with multiple health IT startups.

  • Hi Travis – We’ve been getting good feedback from users so far with the LogMeIn iPad solution for iPad. It’s simple to set up, gives access to the entire account and you’ve got to love that price. It’s a great first step in our mobile strategy. Here’s one user from our Facebook wall:

    “Fantastic. I started using the connection with my iPad yesterday afternoon, and it works fantastically well! Thank you for following through!!”

    Happy to connect you directly with a Practice Fusion user anytime.

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