HIMSS Moves Into the Health Accelerator Space

3-11-2013 12-06-48 AM

Among the news following HIMSS13, one interesting development was the partnering of the soon-to-be-launched health accelerator Avia with HIMSS. Chicago-based Avia aims to accelerate startups, not through the traditional route of funding and mentoring, but rather by filling a role similar to a strategic consulting agency.

Avia’s business model seems to be more of a service model, where they will work directly for health providers in assessing their needs, helping them select and implement the appropriate solution, and bring it to scale. The difference is that they will look to innovative early stage startups in their in their vendor evaluations.

The company says that most health providers do not evaluate technology solutions down to the startup level and may be overlooking valuable ideas.  Avia hopes to change this by partnering with more traditional accelerators such as Rock Health and StartUp Health to help grow startups to their full potential faster.

Avia is also claiming it will have capital at risk, suggesting that it will help startups with the upfront costs of rapid growth that often prevent early stage businesses from signing their first big contract.

The leadership involved at Avia is impressive, all with Ivy League graduate degrees and executive experience at established businesses like CES and CitySearch, while many also have backgrounds in consulting, primarily from McKinsey and Company, and healthcare investing. The company web site is short on specifics, but 2013 and 2014 seem to be slated for company evaluations after which, presumably, the company will formally launch.

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